June 17, 2009


That was the first word in a very important letter that I received this weekend. The letter was from Viterbo University, where I am currently enrolled and am earning my Master’s degree from. The letter was to let me know that I officially passed my comprehensive exams!

I am thrilled to know that I have passed all four parts, and that I do not have to re-do any of the parts of the test. I spent hours writing the exams and I am so glad that they’re over with! Now I am in the process of writing my last 4 final papers for graduation. In two weeks I will prepare a final power point presentation with information on my research project and results that I will present during the week of graduation in Wisconsin to a group of peers and professors… I’m only slightly nervous for that part of graduation. I’ve heard there is one professor that really drills you with questions about how you collected your data, etc… I’m really hoping I don’t end up with him!

So now I am down to the final steps before I can graduate, and I’m starting to get really excited to be done and have my Master’s completed!

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