June 16, 2009

Happy 1 Year and 2 Day Anniversary!!

Dear Bailey,

They always say better late then never…right!?! I just wanted to let you know that I just finished the best year of my life. I have enjoyed this wild ride we have started together and I look forward to many many years to come. There are so many stories we have created together and much laughter as well. There is so much I could say about our first year, but the main thing I want to tell you is Happy 1 year Anniversary and I look forward to many many more! I know this is short and sweet, but when I was trying to think of the exact words to say to you this morning, I looked at you sleeping peacefully in bed and all I could do was smile and think how I am the luckiest man to have you there next to me for many years! I love you Bailey and Happy Anniversary!!

Love your husband,

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