June 18, 2009

Before & Afters

Finally I have our before and after pictures of our house ready to post!

Front of our house before and after:

Entry way before and after:

*We still have to remove the "god bless america" wall paper and border, hopefully we'll get to it sometime in the fall*

Living room before and after:

Man-room before and after:

Kitchen before and after:

One of the 4 Extra Bedroom before and afters:

Dining room before and after:

Bathroom before and after:

Our river rock, love it!

Master bedroom before and after:

We've decided to take a hiatus from major house projects for the summer so that we can enjoy what we've done so far, and so that I can concentrate on finishing up grad school(plus we really can't deal with any more wall paper or grout for a while!). We still need to take down the lovely "star/god bless america" wall paper in the entryway, but we're leaving that for a fall project. It's hard to believe how much we've gotten done in just a few short months. We really love our neighborhood and now we love our house too!

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Mrs. Hammer said...

Thanks for the post and the reassurance about the sounding! I love the remodeling of your home :) It turned out great!