July 21, 2008

tears and one month down

One week ago today I was feeling daring and decided to actually turn off the air conditioner, and open a few windows. Nearly half of the windows in our house don't have screens (don't ask us why, there are lots of things "missing" in this house). Since there are three windows in the living room all in a row, I chose to open the middle window which was farthest from the end table and the tv stand. I thought I was making a good choice. I figured that Juney most certainly can't jump from the ground, and I was 99% sure that she couldn't maneuver the jump out the window from the end table.

I then began cleaning the house and our crazy messy office filled with wedding presents, yes people, I did say cleaning. I checked in on Juney every 30 minutes or so and every single time I found her laying on the couch dead to the world. At about 2:30 I started organizing some of the crap in the office (and you need to understand that I love organizing, so I got pretty into it). It wasn't until 4:00 that I realized I hadn't seen the cat and I began my man hunt for her.

I looked EVERYWHERE! Not only did I look everywhere, but I looked everywhere 3-4 times. I looked under the bed, under the dresser, behind the couch, downstairs (which she doesn't even know how to get downstairs yet, but I still checked), I looked in the cabinets which she happened to climb into last week and get stuck, and yes... I even checked the refrigerator. You laugh, but I swear to God she managed to crawl in there last week without me seeing and I finally heard her crying 5-10 minutes later only to find a little kitty starring up at me with REALLY cold feet and a freezing little nose.

It was at this point that my heart started to race a little and I decided that she must have made the darn jump out of the window so I headed outside. I walked around our house, down to the garden, near the creek, and looked across the street in every direction praying that I wouldn't see her in a pile in the street... still no Juney. As I was starting to get tears in my eyes (sad, I know) I got the courage to ask the 3 neighbor boys next door if they had seen a little brown, black, and white kitty, they said no.

It was at this point that I headed inside and got my phone. I quickly hit the speed dial for Matt and could tell as he picked up that he was just leaving work. In a panicky voice I told him that I couldn't find the cat and could he please hurry home because I was really worried. For those of you who haven't seen me with this cat you may not understand the severity of this situation. I love this cat like my first child, I talk to her during the day (ok, and at night too), I give her baths, I clean her ears out for her, I carry her around, I even take her with me if I'm leaving town because she probably would be too scared and lonely to stay home alone. =) So the fact that I think I've lost her has me on the verge of tears and starting to panic. 15 minutes later I call Matt again, this time with real tears, only to find out he's still 25 minutes away. Apparently I thought that the normally 45 minute drive could be done in 15 if I really needed him. =)

Matt eventually came home to find me on the couch in tears. He took off through the house looking for the cat, and then it happened..... he appeared with Juney in hand. The little shit had managed to crawl behind the nightstand, under the pillows (that Matt never puts on the bed, why? because they're only for decoration, not actually to be used) and was dead asleep! How she ever slept through my yells and pleading to come out I'll never know. What I do know is that I was absolutely the most thankful person in the world to see this little furry, spotted, face come around the corner in Matt's arms:

As soon as Matt threw her at me he walked out and came back in with 3 dozen beautiful roses, because through all of this mess I had completely forgotten that we had made it through exactly one month of marriage! I've always known Matt was smart, but he proved it to me again. He didn't come home and give me the flowers right away because he knew that until we found our cat I really wasn't going to care about the flowers like I should have, instead he waited to save the day and THEN give me the flowers. I guess I'll have to wait and see what excitement will come with month two!

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