July 1, 2008

taking the plunge...

Well... it's official. We've taken the plunge, in more ways than one. After almost a year and a half of planning and almost 3 years of being together, our wedding has come and gone and we are now officially Mr. & Mrs. King. It was the most amazing day of our lives, filled with the most important people from our lives, lots of laughter, and even a few surprising tears. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, even with the amazing floods of 2008 looming around the area.

It's amazing how fast the wedding day came and went, how fast these first two weeks of married life have flown by and how different married life is compared to "engaged" life, but I'm sure there will be more on that to come in a future blog.

Another plunge that I'm taking is entering the blog world. After being an admitted stalker of lots and lots of other people's blogs, like friends who were having babies, and children fighting for their lives, I have decided that I would give it a go myself. After all, Matt and I surely must have something entertaining to share with the blog world, right? =)

As I start to adjust to married life, and learn to be alone at home alone during the day while Matt is at work (which as those of you who know me best is a HUGE challenge for me to sit silently alone), I continually find myself pondering and questioning different parts of life. Not necessarily my life, but life in general. My hope is to continue to share my ponderings with everyone, and probably along the way get a few laughs.

So welcome to the life of the Kings (or should I say the King & Queen), we hope you get just as many laughs out of our life as we do.


jkrogers said...

Thanks so much for your comments on the blog. Sometimes its scary to share things and it makes me feel good to know you enjoy reading it. I hope you have a fabulous first summer as Mrs. King, and I look forward to reading all about it!
Your fav. cell phone lady and fellow art of light lover,

ps-your pics are amazing, you and your hubby look pretty darn good together!

Anonymous said...

B! I'm really excited to read your blog! Please bring Juney by sometime soon! - LP