July 3, 2008

a change of habit

As the new Mrs. King I often find myself wondering "when will this become normal?" When will it be normal to hear King instead of Leymaster, and when will that not make me sad? Or when will the word husband not make me giggle? When will I actually think it's ok that we're now living together? I have many other questions that I wont bore you with, but nonetheless they are running through my mind.

Don't get me wrong, 3 weeks into married life is a good place to be, but it's also an awkward place to be. Does it take months, years or never for things to become normal to me? Now I realize that yes, it's only been 3 weeks, and I obviously need to give it more time to become a habit, but part of me wonders if those words will ever flow out of my mouth without a smirk.

The task of trying to figure out who's toothbrush will go on which side of the sink will someday be a habit, and likely I will look back at these weeks and laugh. Or finding the oh-so-dead/will never come back to life plant outside and wondering if I will ever become a gardener. And then there's the hardest one of all... making ourselves workout without an incredible incentive dangling in front of us.

When all is said and done and we've reached our 25th wedding anniversary, have a few kids (hopefully out of the house ;) and look back at our first year, hopefully we can have a few laughs and remember "the good times".

Below I've posted some of my favorite wedding pictures (we just got them back yesterday so I may have to post some more favorites later too).

The first time we saw each other

showing some love in downtown cedar falls

i loved my long veil even though it was a pain on such a windy day

going down the isle with my dad ( i really didn't think i'd be that emotional)

the whole gang (they were awesome!)

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Jason and Megan said...

Bailey! Congrats! Your wedding looked beautiful and I completely understand (and am going through) every single one of your questions and thoughts! You two look so incredibly happy and I wish you and Matt the best!

Megan (Cobb, now Dean) :)