July 28, 2008

the greatest tennis match ever

I sit this morning with a sore forearm and sore abs... but it is ALL worth it! Yesterday afternoon Matt and I accepted a challenge from my parents, Rusty & Deb, to compete in a Leymaster/King tennis match. Matt and I gladly accepted as we knew we could undoubtedly beat the old folks (actually, I'm pretty sure they've beaten us before, so I figured we would lose and that would pretty much ruin my day because I'm slightly competitive, but I figured it was better than a traditional workout).

We took to the court a little while after the thunderstorm blew over, with serious and competitive faces. After a VERY short warm up (looking back I'm pretty sure that was part of my parents' plan!) the match began. It was to be a regular match, with the winner taking 2 sets of 6 games. Matt and I started out about as worthless as you can get. We found ourselves down 0-4 and I was starting to get the "give up" feeling in my head. And then we realized that we were finally warmed up and ready to put the real heat on. A few games later and it was now 5-5! The Kings were in the process of making an amazing comeback! And then we choked... and lost the first set 5-7. But at least now we had the confidence that we could stinking win a game!

I don't have much to write about for the second set. It was a BLOWOUT!!! 6-0 Yes, the Kings 6, the Leymasters 0!!! We dominated them, serving lightening fast down the middle, overhead smashes galore (which would be why my abs are sore today) and a little trash talk to get in their heads.

Which leads us to the final set... we're all tied up at 1-1 and this is for "the whole match, the world championship, the whole shebang" as my dad put it.

My mom stepped up to the baseline to serve first... we won the point. After a quick tap of the rackets I knew Matt and I had this in the bag! We ended up winning the game and now had a 1-0 lead, I knew the first game was critical to set the pace so I was pretty happy. I then served and we won that game as well, we were now up 2-0. Dad served next and held his game so we were only up 2-1. Matt served and won his game, 3-1 the Kings. Deb served and won, 3-2 the Kings. I was up next, I knew the mo-mo (as my Dad called it, momentum for everyone else) was shifting. I held serve and we were up 4-2, only 2 more games to win the and the championship was ours! And then things started to change...we found ourselves tied up at 4-4. I could tell the sun was starting to make me tired and I could tell we were going to lose. And then, a glimpse of an open corner and we nailed the final shot of the game to go up 5-4. Now everything rested on this last game, we either win or go on to have to win by 2.

Somehow we pulled the strength from our souls and took the last game!!! We had won, beat the old folks, and now had bragging rights for at least a week!!!! God is good! A chest bump and a fist pump for the champs!

I'm convinced that it was a fluke, although I'd never tell my parents that. Usually Matt and I aren't exactly a team on the court. I have my precise way of playing, and he attempts to be Andre Agassi and smash it down every one's throats the whole time only to send the ball flying into the fence (which he did do a mimimum of 10 times yesterday, but I've seen worse). But somehow (maybe being married and having to learn to "play" together has helped us) we pulled together and played as a team.
I think next week I'll be "sick" so that we can at least remain on top for 2 straight weeks. =) Either way it was a fun afternoon haning with the "rents".

My mom and I

My dad and I


Jenna Davis said...

hilarious - i love it. when's the groverdavis/king challenge?! you're going down!

Bailey said...

anyday you want! hello, we used to play together, i know you're a bit challenged on the court, so unless jimmy should be pro or something i feel confident in our chances of anohter huge win! =)

Jenna Davis said...

oh whatever - my man is the the second best tennis player ever, next to me of course. bring it girl!