July 7, 2009

a needle in the haystack... or butt

I can't believe it... it seems that my body may be responding to the new medicine! We had an ultrasound last Friday that showed one little follicle (which is what grows and releases the egg during ovulation) in my left ovary. It was too small (only 13mm, the Dr. wants them to be at least 20mm) to ovulate yet, but it was at least a hopeful sign that I was responding, but maybe not as well as I should have been at that point.

Today Matt and I went back for another ultrasound, we had a few different scenarios that could have unfolded.
1)the 13mm follicle could have grown to 20 or 22mm and be ready for ovulation
2) the 13mm follicle could have stopped growing, which would mean the end of our chances for this cycle
3)the 13mm cycle could have gone away, also ending our chances
4) there could be other follicles growing and ready too upping our chances of success

Well option #1 it was!!! The 13mm follicle is now 24mm!!!! The nurse was VERY pleased with our little follicle so she gave me a trigger shot in my butt to make the follicle ovulate and come out of my ovary. The shot wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, it actually was better than the blood draws are. So hopefully the shot will make the egg "drop" and we'll have our very first chance at conceiving a little King! I'm trying not to get too excited but as you can tell it's probably a little late for that.

Even if nothing fabulous happens this month I really am just ecstatic to know that I am able to produce a large enough follicle for conception to even happen!


Jamie said...

Yea! I hope that things continue to look up. I can't imagine getting a shot in the rear.

MysteriousMindy said...

Yay!!! Take the little successes and run with them! Hoping a little miracle will be in your future soon!

Staci said...

yay!! that is so exciting!! good luck ;)

The Grinstead Family said...

YAY Bailey!! Thinking of you & saying lots of prayers!!

♥Tabitha said...

Yay! Congradulations! I'll be praying for you!

Amber said...

such great news! Lots of prayers that this cycle works for you two! Such exciting that the new medicine is working as we are also trying it out this month hope I have the same results!

Mrs. Hammer said...

That's wonderful!!! It only takes one. Best of luck in the 2ww.