July 1, 2009

meet little miss Chuse!

Well Matt held true on his promise, no baby by summer... new kitty for me! We have been on the hunt for a few weeks, but hadn't seen anything that we really fell in love with.

That was until my mom called last week and told us she had found us a kitty. One of her friends had found a kitty in the parking lot of the casino. She said she thought she was kind of wild, but she was super cute. On Wednesday night mom brought the kitty over and we fell in love, she was super sweet, very soft, and looks just like a wolf/lion. She has a long mane like a lion but is colored like a wolf. =)

She stayed with my mom over the weekend while we were out of town. During the weekend I received 4 texts from my mom asking to keep her, I knew then we had a good kitty.

She is SUCH a lover! She is constantly pushing her way up on our faces to cuddle, we love it! She has to be touching one of us so that she can sleep. She and Junie are finally becoming friends. We were a bit worried on Sunday when we introduced the two of them and Junie growled and hissed at Chuse (which I'm pretty sure she learned from being around my dad's cat). But this morning when I was cleaning up the kitchen I looked over and Junie was chasing Chuse down the stairs, then Chuse came chasing Junie up the stairs. They have been playing and being nice to each other all day, thank goodness!

As for the name, Chuse is actually a German word, the only German word that I was really able to teach Matt when we were dating and I was living in Germany. And since we fell in love while I was in Germany we thought we should incorporate some German into our household, and it's better to do that with a pet than with a child. =)

On a side note, we're getting very excited for our dr's apt on Friday. So far the new medicine (Femara) has had NO side effects, what a blessing after the last medicine made me a crazy lady! We will know Friday morning whether or not this new medicine is doing anything to help grow the follicles/eggs, we're praying it will produce some results so that we're not forced to move on to injectibles.

For now I'll leave you with some pictures of our new kitty:


Machon Puah said...

congratuations on your IF kitten!

I have 2 kitties like that. If not for my infertility, I would not have discovered that my dh was a cat lover. He didn't know it either.

Amber said...

Congrats on your little kitty!

Im starting to take Femara this month so glad to hear of no side effects:)