February 19, 2009

we finally found her!

Her, being our new house, that is! She's a real bute! We put an offer in on a house that has been empty for 2 years and has gone into a foreclosure situation, and we got it! We are so excited, here she is:

The day that it went on the market the realtor had 30-something calls, there were 24 different showings in 5 days! We put in an offer sort of on a hope and a prayer thinking that we didn't have much of a chance, but I guess we did, because we got her!

She was definitely beat up but we love her! Here are the stats: 5 bedrooms (4 upstairs and one downstairs, however the sump pump has been broken for who knows how long and water seeped into the 5th bedroom downstairs which caused mold to grow all over the room, see picture below, so we will be gutting the 5th bedroom down the the studs and spraying to kill the mold and then leaving it empty until we really need to have a 5th bedroom... hopefully not for a long, long time)

3 stall garage, that Matt is in love with! 4 bedrooms up on the "cat walk" thing as I call it. A big open stair case from the downstairs "man" room up to the top where the bedrooms are. An open, pretty large kitchen. And one amazingly ugly, paneled "man room". All of this and a half acre of land, AND we can see my dad's silo from the top bedroom, so we're sorta border line in the country, but we do have about 25-30 houses in the little development that we're in. The house is in the school zone that I work at so I'll be surrounded by lots of the kids I teach!

We close on the house April 1st. This is definitely a project to take on, but we're very excited to be able to make it our own. We're planning on taking each room one step at a time, and just doing some cosmetic work for now before we take on any huge projects. The carpet is pretty...umm red. And there is wall paper...um, everywhere! Some of the wall paper was even half way ripped down for us, lovely I know. Either way we're very excited and tons of plans are already starting to form in our little heads. Like the fact that we need a mailbox because our current one is laying in the drive way, and we need a new front storm door because somehow there is no glass in the door.

So I'll leave you with more pictures and more info to come as we get closer to being able to get started on the house. I can't wait to get some "after" pictures up in the next 4-5 months.
Entry Way

"Cat Walky Thing"- Bedrooms

Living Room


"Man Room"


One of the extra bedrooms (they all have this lovely blue carpet except the master)

Master Bedroom, the only room without wallpaper!

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