February 2, 2009

Our other full time job…

Sorry it has been so long without an update. Matt and I have both taken on another job.

Matt and I have been searching and searching for a new house, so much searching in fact that it seems like our second job! We have looked at somewhere around 40 houses and still no luck. Well sorta… no luck. We actually did find one that we loved. It was a 4 bedroom house in a woodsy area that was up over a ravine. It had a wide open kitchen and living room, each bedroom had sliding glass doors out to the wrap around deck, it was outdated, but fabulous. We put in an offer, and we were outbid with 30 minutes left for a counter from the seller. So my little heart was broken and so our search continues. Although the housing market nationally may be in the dumps, it certainly is NOT in the dumps in Cedar Falls! According to our realtor there are fewer houses for sale in our price range in Cedar Falls right now than there has been in a long time. We’ve looked at a few houses in the afternoon that came on the market that morning and by night they were gone!!

So we continue to do the “apartment thing” and live that dream out while we search for a house. So far the apartment thing isn’t all bad…except for the lack of extra space for anything. Junie is ready to leave I’m pretty sure. She has now started to dart out of the door when we open it. I have also found her lying in front of the door with her paw sneaking under the door several times.

We’ll keep everyone updated if we actually do ever find and get a house. Until then we’ll just keep living the dream, thunder ridge style!


Becky Smith said...

Oooh. I can certainly understand your disappointment in not getting that house you liked so much. It sounded WONDERFUL! But when you finally buy your house, you'll love it as much, if not more. It's out there!


Mamasita said...

Just popped over from Sarah Smith's spot.

Best of luck on your marriage and your house hunting. That is such a stressful ordeal! I have told my husband that I don't ever want to move again.

I loved the letter to your grandma. It was filled with such love and made me think of my grandparents - all who have already gone on.

Good luck!


Jan Reuther said...

Another Sarah Smith fan here. I enjoyed your blog a lot! Good luck with the house search.

Last year I sold my house and moved across the country, and bought a much smaller house than my previous one. House hunting was exhausting for me, too, until my realtor, a woman, started referring to it as "shopping." Wow...a whole different slant on it, and I started to enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Remember how wonderful it is to be back in CF and near your mom and dad! :-)