February 12, 2009

25 random things about me

(this is from an online response thing, you were supposed to list 25 random things about yourself)

1. i thank god each day for bringing matt into my life and am surprised daily at how much i really do love being married
2. i have traveled to france, mexico, canada, jamaica, bahamas, germany, italy, the netherlands (holland), mallorca (island off of spain), ireland, spain, czech republic, and hungary. i am so thankful for being able to travel to each of those places. i have a huge desire to visit africa, i had a trip planned when i lived in germany but none of my roommates would go with me and i didn’t think it was smart to go alone
3. i am very excited to have both of my best friends back in iowa VERY SOON (and i sercretly always knew they would be back) ;-)
4. i love my family. my sister and i don’t always see eye to eye but we really do love each other. my dad and i had our years of battling and now we talk every single morning and see each other 2 or 3 times a week. my mom and i have always been great friends and are scary-honest with each other.
5. i can speak fluent french
6. i can’t wait to be a mom and know that matt will be a phenomenal dad
7. i was diagnosed with crohn’s disease in high school (it’s an immune deficiency disease that messes up your intestines) but luckily i have only had one surgery for it and have had no problems since and have been in remission for almost 8 years)
8. i truly believe that everything happens for a reason (i told matt that same thing a few years ago when i was leaving for germany and thought we weren’t meant for each other, ha, i guess god had other plans for us! and believe me when i say that matt does not let me live that one sentence down!)
9. i love traveling and can’t wait to get back to europe sometime in the near future
10. i am a total list freak! i have a need to have a list around me at all times of everything that i need to get done (for home or work) and i will do everything possible to get my list finished as fast as possible so that i don’t have the anxiety of things left on my list hanging over my head (i have even been known to write something on my list just so i could cross it off)
11. matt and i are in a fantastic small group with some church friends and we are excited to grow old with them for the next 50 years!
12. i will be graduating with my masters in elementary education in july in wisconsin and will have completed it in ten months total!
13. i was involved in 4-h in elementary school and loved almost every moment of it (except for the fact that it was always 110 degrees the week of the fair and we had to sit in the barns with our sheep, which of course had no air conditioning)
14. i secretly would love to be a wedding planner (in fact i just signed up to be a volunteer wedding coordinator at our church!) our wedding day was such an amazing day and i would do anything to be able to do it again, or once a year would be even better!
15. i talk to junie (our cat) like she is a person, and i know deep down she understands me =)
16. i have a weird fascination with mormons and military guys and love tv shows and books about either
17. i love to be spontaneous, yet i also am a huge planner (i have an 18 month planner that has things filled throughout the entire next 18 months)
18. i love school, and learning has always come very easily for me (but i now love working with kids that learning doesn’t come so easy for)
19. i am addicted to dateline and 20/20 type shows and i swear by whatever i learn on them
20. i am almost certain that we will have twins (long story, but i really am almost certain)
21. i LOVE white trim and accents in houses and hope that in our next house i can paint all of the trim white!
22. i am deathly afraid of needles. i have passed out more than once when getting blood drawn and getting shot, and have even turned blue when my tongue blocked my airway one time. it is now written on my chart at the dr’s office that i have to lay down. 99% of the time i make my mom go with me so that she can talk to me and distract me while they do it.
23. i love love love christmas! i decorate our house the weekend after halloween. i have 7-8 blowup yard decorations that i’ve been dying to put up for two years now, the first year i was living at home and didn’t want to deal with it, and this past year we were selling our house and matt forbid me from putting them up. so this year, no matter what, my amazing christmas display will go up!
24. matt asked me to be his girlfriend at the top of the eiffel tour and it was super beautiful
25. growing up on a farm was fabulous and i can’t wait for my kids to have the same experiences on grandpas’ (both of you!) farms!

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Becky Smith said...

Wow! You're a really interesting person! :-)