June 6, 2011

Still alive...

We are still alive, I promise. We are in the middle of moving (to somewhere with dialup internet), finishing our new house plans, and trying to update some photography stuff. To say I've been swamped is an understatement.

I promise to get Kinley's 6 month post up soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!! ....Congrats! on the new House plans, Matt& Bailey and Lil' Lady "K" ;p...are you finished building/all ready to decorate?? ;p
I L-O-V-E following your blog from time -to-time!! ;p
I'd also love to hire you for a
photo- shoot...when the dust settles!....Nina& Seth will be "h*me" over Labor Day; do you think I could make an appt. for sometime that wkend??
~~JLMK...Love/prayers for a GR* Father's Day!! ;p .."Momma B"