January 10, 2010

Marathon Matt

In exactly 112 days this will be my amazing husband; crossing the finish line after completing his first ever marathon (or race of any kind for that matter)! He decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to run a marathon. I was bit shocked but so excited for him! As he began to search for places that had early summer marathon's he found out that La Crosse, Wisconsin has one on May 2nd. I was so excited! I spent a week in La Crosse last July when I graduated and I loved it. So it will be awesome to be back there, have a few days to enjoy the town together, and then cheer Matt and Shane on. Yup, that's right, Matt has convinced our very good friend Shane to run the marathon with him, as long as his knees hold up until May.

I am so excited for the two of them! And to be perfectly honest, I'm pretty excited about the marathon too because I'll be able to hang out with Jackee (Shane's wife) and hopefully the rest of our small group will be able to come to La Crosse for the weekend too. Matt & Shane are in their 3rd week of training this week and are doing awesome, they just completed a 7 mile run on Saturday! I'll continue to keep mini updates on these two guys as they train and complete their first ever marathons, so keep checking back for more updates. Keep up the awesome work guys!

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The Hansen's said...

whoo-hoo!! way to go Matt & Shane!! HAve fun!! i think a group of us will start running outside on Saturday mornings once March/April hits... if he's looking for some running buddies have him join us then!!! Yeah!! Have fun, Matt!! You can do it!!! It's one of the most amazing things i've ever experienced!