November 23, 2009

Awesome online group!

I recently participated in my first ever online christian infertility support group. It. Was. Amazing!

The amount of strength, support and PURE UNDERSTANDING that these women had of the situations that I am going through felt like Jesus had returned, the only true person who understands all that I am/have/will go through and all that I am/have/will feel through this process.

I would STRONGLY encourage the rest of you to head here and click on the front page (on the right side in the middle) where it says:

If you are interested in participating in a ONLINE INFERTILITY SUPPORT GROUP with SARAH’S LAUGHTER using LIVE VIDEO CHAT, contact us by clicking here.

And email Beth to join this fabulous group! I believe we are "meeting" (we use a great online chat forum) once a month, so hurry over and email Beth to join this great group!

*And sign up for their awesome Daily Double Portion email while you're at their site.

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