July 4, 2011

cloth switcheroo??

I've had this crazy thought in my head for the last few weeks... I'm not sure why I suddenly have this nagging feeling/interest to switch over, but I definitely do!! So, any suggestions or things to consider if we do switch? I don't know much about cloth diapers, but I do have several friends that use cloth and I think it may be worth it, especially if we are able to have more kids.

I know that we certainly can't handle switching until we move in 6'ish weeks. So we have time to research and would love some advice!


AZPartyMamma said...

I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers and reading on DiaperSwappers.com I have been doing cloth since we got home from the hospital. I had a little guy and we are using the gdiaper system right now. I bought most of my diapers from either ebay or from other mom's on the diaper swapper forum.

Mindy said...

The diapershops.com facebook page is a FABULOUS resource! The same people run the store www.kellyscloset.com where I have bought mostly all my stuff. They have coupons running all the time and a rewards system as well. My piece of advice would be that the pocket diapers are very attractive to new parents, but can also be harder to maintain and can be quite expensive- consider an All-in-two (also known as "Hybrids"), or prefolds/flats with covers...econmical, easy to use, easy to maintain

The Hansen's said...

My sister-in-law, Heidi, makes amazing cloth diapers for like HALF the price of what you find them on-line. I am using cloth and I know a handful of people that have switched to hers in the last year and they are really pleased with them. I'm going to post a blog soon with some photos of our soon to be here baby boy's newest and cutest cloth diapers :) Let me know if you want more info!! It's not bad at all!