January 13, 2011

6 years ago today

Six years ago today we said goodbye to an amazing woman, Maxine, my incredible grandma. Grandma Maxine and I had a special bond. My grandparents lived just a mile away from us so I was able to spend lots of time with grandma while grandpa and my dad were in the fields. She always made the most amazing lunches! She made great angel food cakes with homemade frosting for every birthday. She let us comb her hair and pretend to be beauticians, even though we would purposely shove the brush in her ear just so we could hear her scream, and then my sister and I would giggle uncontrollably. Grandma taught me the art of making no bake cookies and the art of loving unconditionally.

I will never forget the final moments and days in the hospital with my grandma after her stroke. She had full cognitive capabilities after her stroke, however her speech and other functions were impacted greatly. Although her speech was nearly nonexistent to most people, I was often able to make out what she was saying, probably thanks to many hours with children who are often hard to understand. One of the last things my grandma ever said before she passed away was when we were all alone in her room, she grabbed my hands and in as much of a voice as she could muster, she whispered "You will be a great wife someday."

I have never forgotten those words. I often thought of those words when matt and I were dating and discussing marriage. I know my grandma has been with me in some of my toughest days and helped me through. I still think about her nearly everyday...so when we found out we were pregnant with a girl I knew Maxine had to be her middle name.

As I sit today with Kinley Maxine asleep on my chest, I hope I'm being as good of a wife and mother as grandma would have wanted me to be. I still miss you grams.

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Shawna said...

Awe, beautiful post. She sounded amazing.