September 17, 2008

we're moving!!! (well...hopefully!)

So I know I've been awful about updating the last two weeks, but I have some good reasons. First, with grad school and teaching finally getting going life has been crazy. Second, I've had nothing else on my mind except for this darn house stuff!

We will have our house up for sale after this weekend...WHAT?! (I know that's what you're thinking). I know, we only bought our house 7 months ago, and yes... we are crazy for moving again already! (We fully understand that!) However we're ready for this move. We want to be in a town that actually has umm, A GROCERY STORE! Let alone a mall would be nice too, or yes, even a real restaurant! And we would really like to be near our families, especially since we find ourselves making the hour drive to Cedar Falls EVERY SINGLE weekend! So we have decided to put our house up for sale by owner and see what happens...frankly we're just hoping to break even. We have spotted a house in Cedar Falls that we're in love with! It's boarded up, has yellow stained walls, boards for siding, and a roof that is sliding off, and we love it! (shh... don't tell anyone about it until it's ours!) =)
Isn't she a BEAUTY!!

It's in an amazing location and we're hoping we can make it our home! We are in the process of getting some contractors to give us bids and then we'll be able to put an offer in, with the contingency that our house sells. It's all too exciting, in fact, Matt and I have both lost sleep thinking about what we want to do to the house.

So... if anyone is looking for an amazing 5 bedroom walkout ranch in Urbana with a pool, cherry kitchen with island, 2 car attached garage, master bathroom with whirlpool tub and walk-in closet and 3/4 acre lot let us know!
So that's the latest news from the Kings. Other than the worrying that we might lose the house we want, life is great!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is, I wish you luck on selling your house, getting the house you want, remodeling the house you want AND BEING NEXT TO YOUR MAMA!!! I can't wait!! Tell Matt I can probably stay over at least 3 times a week!! :-)

aeb said...

It would be sweet to have you back in CF!! I can't believe your selling your house already though! :) When I showed Erik the picture on your blog, he said, "I know right where that house is!", so we drove by it tonight on our way to Big's in a nice location, but it needs a bit of work... :) You'll have to keep us updated!

Jenna Davis said...

you guys are so crazy - best of luck girl, i'll be praying for you guys. the new house is a beauty, oh my. i see the potential though:) see you soon!